Sunday, 4 November 2012

ten minutes plus one

The other day I had a chance to tour around the city again on my bicycle and bring my camera out for an airing.

This past month has seen some incredibly wet weather. The region's weather patterns shifted from abnormally dry, almost drought like conditions through most of the summer to abnormally wet conditions - October received something in the order of 100mm more rain than normal and approximately five days when it did not actually rain. And not all of those days were sunny.

It was a joy to see blue sky and the sun again.

The center of the older part of Kitchener has as its crown jewel Victoria Park. It is a place of majestic trees, water, and older homes.

I spent approximately ten minutes on the island in the middle of the park taking pictures of fall colour in some of the most rapidly shifting light I have seen in a very long time.

 Plus one.
Those clouds hold a promise of what is to come for us regarding our weather. On the right is the old Uniroyal Rubber plant, and on the left some other buildings dating from the same time period. I am standing on the main rail line through the city. Those clouds? They are snow clouds.

Winter comes.

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