Monday, 12 November 2012

find yourself?

Should a body ever find themselves traveling down Highway 401 in Ontario, in either direction, it would be worth their while to take a pause in Cambridge.

Most people who do so usually exit the highway and end up on Highway 24, which is surely one of the most wretched pieces of road ever conceived by demented city planners. It is nothing but a seemingly endless strip of big box stores, strip malls, and car dealerships. I would not bike it if you paid me to. I even refuse to drive it.

However, should our hypothetical traveller get through that mess, they will arrive in Galt. Galt is one of the three cities that was forcefully amalgamated to form Cambridge in the 1970s. The other two were Preston (south of the 401 but not as far south as Galt, and Hespeler, north of the 401).

Galt is worth a trip.

These were from a 15 minute walk around the downtown. Like stone buildings? Like back alleys? Like busy sidewalk scapes? Old churches? Bridges? Rivers?

If so, Galt is for you.

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