Tuesday, 20 November 2012

miracle mile

Imagine my great delight to discover this:

The pathway home - paralleling the local expressway and bypassing a particularly nasty piece of commuter roadway.

Thank you to the local farmer who allows the Trans Canada Trail to dip onto his (her?) lane for a few hundred meters.

I was sitting at the lunch table at work the other morning talking about my ride into town from the city. Currently, part of my work assignment sees me in a small town about 1km from the edge of Waterloo. I noted that the road into town, while nice and short and straight with no real hills on it, was not so friendly for a bicycle in rush hour.

Do you not know about the trail? One of my co-workers asked.


But, now I do. This is it. A short, straight piece of limestone trail which goes exactly where I want it to go and drops me in Waterloo by a MUP which takes me right to the subdivision I live in.

How wonderful is that?

I do know how wonderful this is.

St Jacobs Farmer's Market

Railway in the mist
I simply love cycling in the fog. Everything is muted. Everything is saturated. It is gorgeous. To me, it is almost as beautiful as cycling in heavy snow. But that is something special.

 However, the night offers its own charms.

Construction Crane

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