Friday, 17 December 2010

Quick mileage report

Last night's run was both painful and awesome. Running on a salted hard pack snow base with new turning to slush powder on top is horrible.

Dear City of Waterloo and its citizens,

STOP WITH THE SALTING ALREADY ON THE SIDEWALKS WHEN ALL THERE IS IS SNOW ON THEM!!!!  All it is doing is making a heavy sticky unstable slush base which clings to the shoes and sucks the energy out of anyone using the sidewalk. It does not make the sidewalk safer. A good argument can be made that it makes it worse. Feel free to salt ice if you must, but for crying out loud leave off with salting the snow.


My aching legs.

Anyhow, here are the running totals:

Run: 12.15 km @ 9.64km taking 1:15:40
Run km total: 59.18 km

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