Saturday, 11 December 2010

on overcoming a fear

Another double header post day. Again, normally I don't post two a day (or even two a week) but something happened that is worth sharing I think.

I was out with a friend of mine taking pictures in Cambridge (Ontario) today. We were both itching to get out and do something with the cameras and I wanted to take some pictures in a city instead of going out and taking yet another picture (while freezing) at the edge of a swamp someplace.

Due to time constraints, we went down the road to Cambridge and wandered around the older parts of Galt.

It is important to understand that I am a chicken.

I really admire street photography, and some of the best works that I have seen that were done recently were done by people who are not chicken. They were done by people who are brave enough to ask someone if they would mind having their picture taken and by people who are brave enough to talk to people and get to know them at least a little bit before taking a few pictures, thanking them, and moving on.

Well, today, I got brave.

Took me long enough.

I did not catch the name of the dog, but I did have a nice chat with its owner and companion. We saw this massive dog walking down the sidewalk with an older gentleman with him. I said to myself stuff this, nothing ventured, nothing gained and asked politely if he (the owner) would mind if we took a picture of him and his dog.

He said it was ok if we took a picture of his dog but not him, and took it off the lead and got him to sit for us. We chatted a bit, and learned a bit about the man and what he is up to and some about the dog. I don't have permission to divulge the conversation, so I won't, but the point is this: I got brave, had a nice chat and got a good picture because of it.

Later. We met Santa.

Again, being brave paid off.  Seeing us and our cameras chatting with Santa prompted this lady (who it turns out knew the Santa) to leap up into his arms and pose for us while we took some pictures.

The moral of the story? Be brave. Be polite. It might just result in something neat happening that was not expected.


  1. Brave and Polite. Awesome combo, I think.

  2. Personally, I think I will have "arrived" as an urban photographer when I can do what my friend and I did today with ease. It is a skill to practice to be sure :)