Saturday, 27 October 2012

hacky hallowe'en

Today was Hacky Hallowe'en, an event brought to the community at large by kwartzlab, a delightful group of making strange things for the sheer fun of it types in the KW area. They have a space for doing stuff - games, work, hobbies, etc and people interested can join for a nominal fee per month and use the space.

Since today was a lousy day weather wise...

And we know some of the people involved with kwartzlab...

We decided to go to Hacky Hallowe'en. The idea is to carve a fancy pumpkin, and use an LED as the light source for it. The LED and the circuits needed to make it go and power it are put together by the person carving the pumpkin themselves, with assistance offered by kwartzlab people as needed. We have done this before, and the kid has enjoyed herself very much.

It is held each year - this is the second year I believe - in the atrium of The Museum located in downtown Kitchener.

Everyone has a wonderful time carving pumpkins - templates are there for those wishing to make something fancy - and putting together their LED packs. A photo station is set up so that people can pose with their pumpkins should they desire.

Some come in costume...

While others do not.

Next year, if you are in the area, take the time to come down and make a really cool pumpkin.

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