Sunday, 19 January 2014

it wouldn't do

It wouldn't do to get too carried away with predicting how far I will ride this year seeing as I very thoroughly missed last year's goal (I managed 5650km with a goal of 10 000km), but, it would appear that despite it being winter and despite it being cold, I am actually on track for about 10 000km this year without doing anything special.


How I am doing it is by counting my time spent in the gym taking RPM classes. RPM classes are what the GoodLife calls their spin classes. They last about 50 minutes and are very intense. I average about 20-25 minutes spinning prior to each class as a warm up. I allocate 25km per class, which is quite conservative when you think about it. Counting that mileage, which I am putting on the legs even though I am stationary, and adding in the mileage I am putting on the commuter riding around the city to work and all that, 10k could happen without even touching my fast bikes.

Like I said, nifty.

Of course, once the fast bike comes out, the time in the gym will drop dramatically. I do still expect two classes a week, but huge mileage will be put on the fast bike.


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