Tuesday, 30 December 2014

having the two wheeled hankering again

I have been a lazy bum for the last few weeks and have hardly biked at all. By hardly, I mean haven't at all.

I don't know what has gotten into me except for being stupid busy and being in a situation where I am working too far from home to realistically cycle to work.

Thing is, I miss it.

It is time to ramp it back up again even as winter rears its ugly head once again.

To that end, New Year's Day will see me biking one city over on my winter bike for some needed repair work. I am not the best at repairing my bicycle. A good friend of mine is. He lives one city over. So...

The winter monster needs a new drive train. Specifically, chainrings, chain, cables, rear derailleur, and cassette all are due for a replacement. I am feeling cheap though, and am planning on digging into my pile of spare parts and will be converting the monster into a single speed.

It should look hilarious. The frame is a too small for me 2011 Kona Lana'i with about what feels like 1m of seat post sticking up. It is almost a step through. However, it is perfect in the snow and handles being loaded down quite well.

So imagine that too small frame with a single speed drive train, studded tires, a rear rack and fender, a front rack and frankenstein fender, and a skid plate like splash guard over the bottom bracket.

It should be fun.

A change is as good as a new bike.

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