Monday, 1 December 2014

these wheels are different

I got a new car.

Definitely, it is cute.

Here are some things I like about it:

  • It is cute
  • I hides the dirt well - yay for grey
  • The seats are surprisingly good for an inexpensive car
  • The car is small and easy to park
  • The steering is very light and aids in making the car more maneuverable at low speeds
  • The turning circle is absurdly tiny
  • My family fits in it, including my teenage daughter
  • The shifter is notchy enough that I can feel it go into gear - it is not numb and loose and lacking in tactile feedback
  • The fit and finish is what one would expect from a Japanese car - about perfect
  • It is shockingly good over bumps for such a small car
  • It is nimble (not to be confused with sports car like)
  • The fuel economy is stellar and not at all what the official mileage numbers or most online reviewers would indicate - I am pulling 5.8 L/100km and am doing nothing special
  • The view out of the car is great and lane changes are easy
  • The fact that I can see past the end of the wipers and know where the hood ends
  • The six way adjustable driver's seat
  • Heated mirrors - winter, you see
  • The traction control OFF button!!!
  • The BlueTooth phone connection
  • The huge glove box
  • It drives like a bigger car than it is due to it sharing the underpinnings with a larger car
  • It is the Tardis - larger inside than out 
  • How buzzy and quirky the engine sounds
  • Assuming that nothing got left off of the maintenance schedule, how cheap this car will be to run (no timing belt service - chains for the win!!! I think, anyway...)

Here are some things I don't like about it:
  • The roof is a tad thin
  • The steering is overly light on the highway
  • The car, like all small cars, is not a fan of heavy crosswinds
  • The clutch is a pile of mush (easy to use, light, but a pile of mush)
  • No heated seat option - yes, I am a wimp
  • No A/C with a stick shift available for the super base model which meant I had to order the SV car with power stuff and spend more money - are you listening Nissan?!? Strip car WITH A/C next time please and thanks
  • The key - the opening for the keychain is absurdly small - for real
  • The signal and windshield wiper switches are about 5mm too far away from the steering wheel for someone of my hand size (or finger length)
  • How buzzy and quirky the engine sounds

Here are some things which amuse me about it:
  • The reviews which slam the lack of "soft touch" plastics in an inexpensive car as if "soft touch" plastics actually matter after the initial oooh ahhh of the new car wears off - I mean, really... who cares? Does anyone really fondle their dashboard? This car is about functional transport and not about impressing your neighbours with how fancy your pants are with your special "soft touch" plastics - if hard plastic on the interior of the car bothers you, buy something else
  • The reports of poor mileage from the car - what are people doing? Doing every shift at 5000rpm and accelerating at full throttle every time they move it? Drive it like it is designed to be driven and the mileage is quite good
  • The way the car feels just a little bit French which is likely true since Nissan is owned by Renault which is a whole lot French - it reminds me in some ways of my family's old Peugeot
  • How cute it is
  • How much fun it is to tootle about in
  • How buzzy and quirky the engine sounds - really, it is neat, strange, and amusing to me all at once
Here is another picture of it:

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