Friday, 20 December 2013

there are times...

There are times when being a cyclist with a budget can be tiring.

It starts with me looking at VeloNews to see what is up in the world of bike racing (something that I am still interested in despite all of the scandal to rock the sport of late). From there, I see adverts for nice bikes, read a review on the site about some pro's this or that, look at a pile of very well taken pictures of the top pros (men and women) doing their thing on their nice machines, and then, I end up in a vortex of online window shopping and wishful thinking.

I end up at the online stores of some of the high end Canadian bicycle retailers like La Bicicletta to drool over some bicycle componentry. I want a new seat post. The "Kona" brand one on my cross bike needs to go. Don't ask why. Just assume it needs to go. I want to lower the center of gravity on the bike and that is the best way to do it based on how the bike is now. I already have a hollow ti railed Specialized saddle on it, so that is already done. It is light and fits me like it was made for me. Cool beans. Carbon would be good for the seat post, but Zipp makes a nice aluminum one that is not too heavy. Looks cool too. Is more adjustable than what is on the bike right now. A lower center of gravity makes the bicycle more lively and handle better.

I also want a new wheel set. The Shimano RS10s on the bike now are ok. I get a nifty wiggle (I can see it flex side to side) when I fly over bumps mid turn. They don't come out of true. But that is disconcerting. They are also heavy. And rumour has it prone to spoke breaking not that I have had an issue with that yet. Knock mass out of the wheels, and the bike goes faster. It also climbs better. It is a very good place to reduce mass. Less rotation mass is a good thing.

And that leads to looking at different wheel sets. I would like to get a good set but don't want to go crazy on it because that gets kind of spendy. It would be easy to blow over $4000 on a set of wheels. Very easy.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

However, getting a nice but not crazy nice new wheel set in the next year actually makes sense. In about five years, I want to get a Cervelo R3 or the equivalent. Supposing Cervelo does then what they do now, the frame will be top notch, the components good, and the wheels kind of blah. So having good wheels already (something Cervelo supposes that people buying the R3 actually already have) makes sense. To me. Kind of. So Reynolds, Ambrosio, Mavic etc all get a visit from me. So does Zipp, but that is mostly so I can laugh. Spendy. Ouch.

Besides, nicer wheels will make the next few years both more fun and therefore more better... or something. And they would put off the urge to replace the bike further into the future since the bike would feel better to ride which is good to. Right? Guess not if you are Cervelo, but guess so if you are me and actually having to pay for it. I do like my Kona Jake the Snake 'cross bike, but it does lack in a few things (how they keep the cost down dontcha know).

Looking at this stuff leads me to look at stems, bars, and other Kona brand things on the bike which leads to more day dreaming and more mouse clicking and then a serious problem: Good bike stores stock good bicycles. And I like good bicycles. A lot. Italian stuff is what I really want. Names like Pinarello, Campagnolo, Gipiemme, Modolo and the like give me goosebumps. For real. In my heart of hearts, I want a Pinarello with Campagnolo record components. I really do.


Remember that budget?

Le Sigh.

Thankfully, if I spin my desk chair in the living room around and away from my computer, there behind me is my bicycle. Stuck on a trainer. Sitting there looking at me.

And I like it. And it likes me.

And that is a good thing. It provides a nice reality cheque...

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