Tuesday, 19 November 2013

but meanwhile, it's just my blanket and me

Unlike Linus, I don't have a blanket. I do, however, have a much loved bicycle.

It is trainer time again. The salt is out, colder weather is settling in, and if I want any real exercise, it is time to sit in front of the TV and spin for about an hour a night and watch cycling on YouTube.

Thank goodness for Eurosport!

Note : must remember to lower the gear and therefore wheel speed but increase pressure on the rear tire to make up for it. The heat build up melted my tire a bit tonight (no, really, it did) since the rear wheel was spinning at about 45kmph on the trainer hub for 50 minutes. A lower gear will reduce the heat build up since the wheel spins slower for any given cadence, while a bit more pressure will keep my own effort the same. Each winter, I basically sacrifice a tire to the trainer, but I want this one to last to spring! (If it doesn't, oh well, but better it does I say!)

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