Monday, 19 August 2013

in quest

Never have we ever had available to us more pictures, more recorded images of the world around us. We have never had more ways to make and share images that matter personally. We are, via social media oriented around the photograph, being bombarded with images that others have taken of their commonplace. Our own voice gets lost in the shuffle.

It is unprecedented.

It is like writing a blog that nobody reads.

Image making tools are ubiquitous with modern life, particularly in urban settings with cctvs - public and private - cell phones and tablets to say nothing of actual cameras. We are constantly being recorded and constantly being photographed and most people don't think anything of it - if they even notice - or of what is being created.

I keep finding pictures which speak to me. There is something in them that reaches deep into my psyche and touches a nerve and I say, wow. I pause. I look. I am transported.

I feel driven to do this for others. To others. I have no idea if any of my images touch someone like this. I hope they do, but I have no idea. I do know that it is rare that an image of mine does this for me. I know it too well. I created it. Thought of it. Went out and found it. And then made it. There is no wow, no wonder, no thrill beyond the immediate pleasure of making an image.

I don't feel transported by my own work.

In part, this is why I am still taking pictures. Why I am trying to perfect my vision.

In quest...

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