Saturday, 20 June 2015

LR CC HDR sample

This is not an inspired photograph but it is an interesting one to me.

This is a seven shot .3 stop per shot HDR created in LR CC.

I did not bother with any anti ghosting as it did not appear to my (untrained in the art of HDR) eye to need any.

To shoot this, I set the camera to the appropriate bracket mode, pointed the camera at the end of the couch, and squeezed off a burst of seven photographs. LR more or less did the rest and gave up a nice and easy to manage DNG.

Here is another. Five shots, five stops. Not inspiring, but the results are ok. There is some "ghosting" (if I am understanding it correctly) right at the edge of the marker package. Again, it was hand held.

I am going to definitely have to do this again with a proper subject matter and a tripod. Sunset, here we come...

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