Thursday, 7 October 2010

out with the camera for a spell

I finally managed to get out with the camera for a spell.

Work has been so busy, that getting out to just do some shooting is not happening much.

Last night, while my wife was at the dojo, my daughter and I spent some time together downtown. We have this tradition of going out for coffee together while Mel is at the dojo. Often, I take the camera, and often, she is the subject.

I was told that for each shot I got of her, I was getting one done of me :)

Tonight, I managed to get out and get some shots of the birds. The light was simply marvelous, but only one photo is worthy of sharing from this evening's take, and even it is kind of off.

Sunday should be a good day. I am off to Niagara Falls very early for the morning light and photos of Clifton Hill.

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