Sunday, 3 October 2010

I think I ought to take up smokin'

I had this interesting conversation with a person I know the other day. We were standing out in front of a coffee shop. It was the kind of coffee shop which has a laptop on every table with at least two or three people huddled around basking in the electronic glow.

"Geeks," he muttered.

I made some comment about it not being too bad, and he responded with something to the effect that he meant no insult (he didn't). I quipped that geeking at a coffee shop with a laptop is not that expensive a hobby, and that everyone needs a hobby. He gasped, and said, "Not expensive?!?" and took a drag on his cigarette.

That is why I think I should take up smokin'.

You see, it must be cheap if a laptop looks expensive.

Supposing I decided to destroy my lungs, heart, and all that at a rate of 1 pack of ciagrettes a day, I would be spending approximately $10 CDN daily without obtaining any real benefit to myself. A tenner a day. Pocket change!

Until you consider this: 10 dollars a day times 365 days a year equals 3650 dollars a year. Hrmmmmmm. Nice pockets. That would nicely cover something I would very much like to get to support my "expensive" hobby, with rather a lot to spare.

There is this wonderful lens that I have had my eye on for quite a little while. It is the Zuiko Digital 150mm f2 SHG lens from Olympus. It would make doing this:
and this:
and this:

much more enjoyable.

I just checked and I can get it for 1900 USD from a reputable retailer, leaving me with enough for a lovely Olympus E-5 to go along with it.

So I definately need to start smokin' (some money, that is, into a bank account at the rate of 10 a day for one year) so I can get a lens that is smokin' hot and a smokin' new camera to go with it.

Wonder what I would do with the next year's worth of smoke money?

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