Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have found my runner's legs!

Normally, I won't do a double post in one day, but I am all pleased with things at the moment and felt like talking about it.

I have found my runner's legs again.

You need to understand something for this announcement to make any sense at all: I don't like running. As I mentioned previously, I really like cycling and grew up on the bike. I used to not be able to run more than 100m without my knees really hurting - to the point where I could hardly walk without pain. (Turns out that was the result of a weird muscle imbalance which I was able to fix fairly quickly once I was shown how by a friendly person I once knew.)

Years ago, I used to run a lot. I got to the point where I could run about 25km if I felt like it at a nice steady pace. The thing is, I never really enjoyed it. I did it because it was good for me fitness wise, but I never fell in love with it.

I have, though, a desire to deeply imbed endurance sports into my routines to the point where not participating in them would feel just wrong. Like most people, I am not getting any younger. Unlike some I know, I admit it. It does not bother me much, but I want to maintain a good high level of fitness as I get older so I can reduce potential health problems. Besides, which, endorphins are fun!

So, the discovery of my runner's legs is important.

There is also another factor to consider.

You see, I have this plan. Over the next six months I intend to run during the week, and cycle during the weekends. I will take a day or two off each week for recovery. Once the snow flies, it will be all running - either indoors at a local track, or in the snow and ice. I want to hit the rail trails on my bike next spring with my core fitness and endurance all the way up. 

So, refinding my runner's legs is good.

It is no longer torture to run. I just finished about 10km of running and nothing really hurts. I did some walking, but when I was running, my competative "hulk smash" mentality surfaced and I really hoofed it.

Ahhhh bliss.

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