Monday, 7 September 2015

come together

Slowing, it is happening.

I am revelling in my new and most excellent approach to cycling.

The touring bike has become my go to bike for almost all of my riding. It is slow, comfortable, and pleasant to ride. Even though it is heavy, it is remarkably efficient as long as momentum can be maintained. I must needs get a new saddle though and am thinking that a selle anatomical nsx series saddle, with black or honey brown leather and copper rivets, would do the trick. They are a beautiful thing, and would do my ass good.

I managed to sell of the old Specialized S-Works and am well on the way towards getting my new mountain bike. I settled on the Kona Precept 130. It is a very good bike, and capable of inducing serious performance giggles off road. Mods will happen before it leaves the shop though - bash ring instead of a third ring, and a clutched derailleur. The stock one is not up to snuff if you ask me. I will either get an slx or xt level clutched derailleur put on the bike. I would also like a dropper post, but will ride without one for a while to see if it is something I really want to add to the bike. The one I want is this delightful thomson one. Will take me forever to save for it as it is truly an extra, but should I decide it would make me significantly faster or safer on down hill bombing runs, then I will spring for one. Reviews that I have read about this bike also suggest and upgrade to the brakes as being a good idea. I will consider this after using them for a while. Might be worth it in the long run.

Speaking though of the old bike, I gave it a rousing sendoff on the hydrocut trail system and had a real blast. It was like the old days, but this time on an unsuspended 26 inch mountain bike. Taking corners so hard that the tires let go and the bike drifts, leaving behind people half my age, catching up full suspension rigged people who were rushing - brings back memories. Makes me really want the new battle buggy. I miss the dirt.

I may have to dress in plaid, relearn to say rad, gnarly, awesome, and sick. It may have to be done.

One more bike to sell, and off we go.

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