Sunday, 1 February 2015

black and white OMD

Inspired a bit by Kirk Tuck, I decided to operate my OMD as a black and white film camera. This is what I created.

These are out of the camera jpegs with no adjustments done in Lightroom but for a minor crop or two.

Seems to work. I think I have found my new normal for a bit.

I think that one day very soon, I will go out and use these camera settings and "shoot a role of film" - iso 400, monotone superfine jpegs straight from the camera, shoot in manual and nail exposure in camera, PanaLeica 25mm f1.5 lens, OMD E-M5 camera body, green filter on the monotone, and contrast up one tick - and see what I get. Should this come to pass, I will share the results here.


  1. Very cool. I think the EM-5 is the natural B&W camera. Thanks for sharing.