Sunday, 24 March 2013

a busy few days

It has been a busy few days.

On the surface, not much has been going on. I have gotten up, gone to work, returned home, worked some more, and slept. Rinse, lather, repeat all week long.

But a few things came to an end this week, ushering in as they did some new beginnings. Firstly, the Friday I have been waiting for finally arrived.
the new bike leaning against one of my daughter's many book cases
I was finally able, after long last and much saving, to pick up my 2013 Kona Jake the Snake cyclocross bike. This thing looks to be a beauty, and I am really very much looking forward to riding it. Lots of pictures of it and a mini review will come later when I can get to it. It is still very salty outside - left overs from winter - and I refuse to ride it outdoors until the salt is washed away.

The pick up of the new wheels happened on Friday.

Saturday, I had a pile of errands to run, a birthday party for my nephew to go to, a birthday party to drop my daughter off at for her friend, and a visit with a friend of mine. We went out walking for a bit around Uptown Waterloo and I shot a couple of pictures.
sign outside a local restaurant

inside a local bike shop
Besides a very good coffee and some light refreshment, one of the things that was accomplished was that my friend picked up his new bike.

There is a lot of that going around it would seem.

He needed a new commuter, and settled on a pretty sweet basic Brodie to help him cart his carcass around the city. Nice bike. Good colour. And a very happy friend. I don't have a picture of it yet, but that is, I assure you, coming. You see, this friend of mine wants to do more biking, and wants to use the new wheels as a car and we can both foresee our collective families getting together for many rail trail rides this spring and summer. Should be good fun.

Today? Busy as well. More work, a bit of play, and some furniture moving.

I almost look forward to getting back to work tomorrow so things can settle down a bit.


  1. Nice bike! The Jake the Snake is probably the most popular CX bike we sell

    1. I have an older one that I really like. It is wearing out finally, so a replacement was in order. Just. Need. Clear. Roads!!